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About us

Leading Cost Recovery Experts

Cost RecoveRX’s team of NFIRS Certified experts lead the way in emergency incident response cost recovery, an important and revitalizing revenue stream. With over a decade of industry specific experience and success, we provide the prescription your ailing department needs to recover from incident response costs that are impacting your ability to stay “response ready”. That’s unfortunately a day to day reality for many fire departments and rescue squads struggling to operational and response ready in today’s world! Cost RecoveRX’s simple, proven system eases your financial burden by effectively recouping response costs, allowing you to stay focused on saving lives and property during emergency response instead of worrying about how to save your department from funding emergencies!

We Are

Results Driven Family Business

Our experienced staff of Cost Recovery Experts, have been fortunate enough to work with and for many dedicated fire departments and rescue squads over the last ten years. Our role is to act as the guide and facilitator in this process, bringing both industries together cohesively and successfully. Our services are provided commitment free, with no contract required on behalf of our client. A simple agent authorization allows Cost RecoveRX to recover response costs on your departments behalf, and also details the commitment we make to you. We believe in earning our clients business each month by doing a great job and continuing to provide the excellent service and tangible results that each and every client deserves!

We Have

Ten Years of Industry Experience

With well over a decade of in-depth industry specific experience in R&D and practical application, we handle the entire claims process to ensure your success. Once you submit an incident report, we go into action, capturing your response costs, transforming them into industry acceptable charges and handling all collections research, processing and followup from initial invoice submittal to clients payment delivery. We have cultivated strong working relationships within the insurance industry on our clients behalf, helping insurance carriers understand the importance of their continued contributions. Cost Recovery Reimbursement doesn’t just benefit fire departments and their communities, re-funding response efforts and improving ISO ratings which lowers residents property insurance rates. “Response ready” fire departments keep property damage and injury to a minimum, which also translates into lower costs for insurance carriers. Its a “win, win” strategy for all!

We Offer

No Risk Contingency Based Service

Our service is contingency based, which means we do not get paid until you do and there are no startup or reoccurring costs to deal with!  When clients’ needs are no longer a priority, a business loses touch with its mission. To us, true success in this industry is about being involved in something bigger and more important than profit. Delivering a reliable and continuous source of funding to fire departments and rescue squads in need, while also guaranteeing transparent collections reporting, and timely delivery of funds to our clients each month, is our absolute focus and we dedicate all of our resources toward successfully accomplishing this goal.

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Our process

Experience | Integrity | Dedication

Cost recovery is the process of recovering response costs, through insurance reimbursement. Insurance policies provide funds, which can be obtained through responsible parties coverage. Claims are established under these policies, to reimburse the financial loss and expenses that occur due to collisions, fires, and other emergencies. Compensation is typically provided relevant to level of services provided, the policy and coverage available and any state or local guidelines in place. Cost RecoveRX specializes in recovering fire department and rescue squad incident response costs through insurance reimbursement, using expertise developed during a decade of “in-the-trenches”, real world experience.



We assist you in creating the documentation necessary to engage in cost recovery. Then we design a suitable billing and reporting plan.


Fire Rescue response cost recovery is legal in every state in some form.  Each state is unique. If no state or local law exists, our experts will assist you in creating a local ordinance or resolution that will support your program.
Run Submission

Run Submission

After we have implemented a successful strategy for your department, we begin billing insurance companies based on your submitted incident reports for processing.  We offer several methods for secure transmission of NFIRS reporting and also offer our own proprietary field reports that contain all the necessary information.
Follow Up & Resolution

Follow Up & Resolution

Each month, our team of billing experts follow up with each claim that is submitted.  A report representing all collections from the previous month is promptly sent to you with a check for your total collections, minus our authorized percentage.