Our Experience

Over ten years of industry experience

Our staff of highly skilled “NFIRS certified” experts provide our clients the benefit of over a decade of expertise and success in the unique field of “fire department cost recovery billing services”, (aka on IAFC’s website; “Cost Recovery for Fire-Based Emergency Response Services”.) We specialize in recovering incident response costs through “insurance claims reimbursement” and focus on fully meeting the critical cost recovery needs, of our nation’s dedicated fire departments and rescue squads. While cultivating strong working relationships within the insurance industry on our clients behalf, we promote the importance of reimbursement for response costs to “covered” emergencies. Our role facilitates this process, bringing both industries together cohesively and successfully using our highly effective “fire billing” process, designed to identify and convert your response costs into industry acceptable charges, which are forwarded to the appropriate carrier for reimbursement approval and payment!

Our Difference

Clients are our most important asset

When clients’ needs are no longer a priority, a business loses touch with its mission. To us, true success is about being involved in something bigger and more important than profit. Bringing a reliable source of funding to our nations fire departments and rescue squads in need, whose core purpose is to protect our nations communities, is our sole mission and focus. For ease in reporting and payment tracking, our websites “Client Portal” offers helpful features like convenient “web’based” incident report submittal and the ability to track your submitted reports “payment progress and status”, as well as your ability to generate a variety of status reports through your secure “web-account” interface. We believe in 100% transparency in reporting, making sure our clients stay fully informed of all funds collected on their behalf, and receive their funds on time, every time! This enables our clients to plan their monthly budgets and forecast future expenditures with the informed confidence they expect and deserve!

Our Services

Comprehensive cost recovery program

Once you ask Cost RecoveRX to work with your department, we begin acting as your liaison managing the entire claims process on your behalf, to ensure your success. We understand the challenges and time limits you face, so we streamline our processes to help minimize your time, while maximizing your results. We’ll help you implement the appropriate documentation to begin the process of recovering your costs and from the moment you submit a report for recovery of costs we go into action, capturing your costs and transforming them into industry acceptable charges. Your charges are submitted to the appropriate insurance carriers for coverage review and payment, and progress is then diligently monitored by our recovery analysts, until payment is received. Your regular monthly check from Cost RecoveRX, matches the net total of all funds received on your behalf during the calendar month referenced and includes a detailed accounting of all collections made. We work on a strictly contingent basis, only being paid when we collect funds on your behalf and there are never any upfront or out of pocket costs to your department, ever!

DetailsResponse Types

What we offer:

  • An additional monthly income stream for your department
  • No startup or recurring costs
  • No risk venture – we work on a contingent basis
  • HIPAA compliant features
  • Monthly computerized reports


What we promise:

  • NFIRS Certified Staff with 10+ years experience recovering these exact costs
  • Complete & detailed followup, from claims filing to payment
  • Ability to receive reports & process claims electronically
  • Complete transparency & timely payments

What we recover for:

  • Motor Vehicle Incidents
  • Train/Plane Incidents
  • Hazmat
  • Mutual Aid
  • Water Incidents

What we recover for:

  • Structure Fires
  • Motor Vehicle Fires
  • First Responder (BLS/ALS) at MVA’s
  • Gas pipeline
  • And more!