Incident Response

Cost Recovery Program

We provide results-driven incident response cost recovery services to our nation’s highly dedicated and deserving fire departments and rescue squads. Based out of California, our team of experts across the country are prepared to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. With over a decade of research and practical application to our credit, we understand what it takes to be successful in this industry. We’re aware your community places its trust in you, and all our interactions on your behalf are confidential and strictly adhere to your established guidelines.



We assist you in creating the documentation necessary to engage in cost recovery. Then we design a suitable billing and reporting plan.


Fire Rescue response cost recovery is legal in every state in some form.  Each state is unique. If no state or local law exists, our experts will assist you in creating a local ordinance or resolution that will support your program.
Run Submission

Run Submission

After we have implemented a successful strategy for your department, we begin billing insurance companies based on your submitted incident reports for processing.  We offer several methods for secure transmission of NFIRS reporting and also offer our own proprietary field reports that contain all the necessary information.
Follow Up & Resolution

Follow Up & Resolution

Each month, our team of billing experts follow up with each claim that is submitted.  A report representing all collections from the previous month is promptly sent to you with a check for your total collections, minus our authorized percentage.
Client Support

Contact our support team in the most comfortable way, i.e. phone or email correspondence.

Individual Approach

For maximum efficiency of consultation, our professionals take an individual approach to each customer.

Free Consultation

Consult our specialists at any time you like using our contact form. We will respond within 24 hours!

Customer Retention

We stay in touch with our customers to be aware of their needs and provide recovery updates.

Project Management

Thorough planning of our daily activities allows us to achieve even the most challenging goals promptly.

Quality Guarantee

You are guaranteed to make use of services and products meeting the highest standards of quality.

Cost Efficiency

Using our services, you will learn how to recover your costs more efficiently.

Customer Satisfaction

Rely on our assistance, and we won’t only justify your trust, but will also surpass your expectations..